Saturday, July 03, 2010

Good luck Ate | Nursing Board Exam

Hey Kristine Cynthia D. Macose (a.k.a sincha), i really do't know kung klan ang exam mo, what date and anung oras. i dun even know qng anong chura ng exam n ian. i just knw 1 thing; that you can just simply do it.
Ill be telling God about that, though he already knw bout it, and that i dont know more about it ( so ironic).

Ps: sa lht ng nakakakilala sa "MAGANDANG" ate ko :) < ice cream for this<: Total, wla nmn kau cguro mxado ggwin bago mtulog, include her exam to ur prayers. Kristine Cynthia D. Macose, sagot ko na ang bayad sa pra sa issue ng newspaper n pag lalagyan ng pangalan mo ; un pang balagbag sa daan ( streamer), pag iisipan ko pa.
-looking forward to seeing your name in the next google trending search ( Nursing Board Exam Topnotchers)
Dont be a passer; be a Topnotcher,as u always are. Show them wat u got!


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