Thursday, October 12, 2006

The start of my unfinished Race

“The start of my unfinished Race”

“It’s a boy!”, as my grandmother shouted as she stared at the small and healthy son of Mrs. And Mr. Eduardo Fernandez Macose named Von Gerald.
Mr. and Mrs. .Macose had planned to have their second child and when the unexpected day had arrived, June 04, 1990,I was born.
“It’s a boy!”, as my grandmother shouted as she stared at the small and healthy child of Mrs. And Mr. Macose named Von Gerald. It was my first sight on this world and within that time I felt the love and care of my family as they surround me.
I grew up as an ordinary child living with my family. I was physically small but with a long, curly hair which extent unto my hair; but it was before now it was trimmed.
Do you believe that a person with a healthy body has a healthy mind so as that those who don’t have poor mind..? For me it wasn’t a fact. I can say I am not that so healthy but then I can still follow and understand my teacher academically.
Being a normal human being, I have my strengths and weaknesses; I am not a perfect person. One of my strengths is being a person which can easily relate with some people. I get acquainted with people that is why I have many friends but not all of them where there in times of difficulties and test. Some are timely but still more remains with me.
I am also proud of having the mark of curiosity and inventories. I am fond of repairing many gadgets back to its function or mark it for another function and even making my own experiments within a new one.
Another is being confident; confident in telling my feelings. I express my feelings as long that I stand and depend on a proven certain fact. Even though I know I can hurt others with my word because I believe that it is better than to make someone smile by lying. And I will not also regret that I have a sharp tongue. Yes, I used hard and meaningful words to crush concrete heart of others.
One of my weaknesses is being a short –tempered person. I can easily be angry in argumentation when I know they were depending on a side but they uses wrong data and invent their own stories. When pressures also get touch with me I make things more much complicated in cases I caught lying. One thing I discovered this days that I would hesitate to argue when things under my characteristic is under degrade just like my physical self.
Another is I can easily get pressure with non-sense talk. When talking about a certain subject, I always ask myself of “Why should I learn this?, or How can I apply this?”; and if I found it non-sense. I get small interest to spend time with it , I better play another things. I am also armed with criticizing power, especially for those who sit in places I should respect; those are the times when temper came and push the button.
I am happy to have a family which I can be proud of and I thank my weaknesses which makes my life interesting. Now test is on my way and wishes probably I can pass it because it was just a start of my unfinished destiny…
Von Gerald Macose....

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